Special Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Special Education Department is “to enhance the academic and behavior performance of Anchor Bay students.”


Special Education Office 
5201 County Line Road
Casco, MI 48064
Phone: 586-949-4513
Fax: 586-727-0967

Supervisor of Special Education
Frank Cusimano ext 1310

Office Manager
Yolanda Buric ext 1300


Child Find

The Anchor Bay School District provides academic and behavioral diagnostic services to respond to the concerns of families regarding their children’s school progress. Concerned families can request assessment of their child’s strengths and weaknesses by calling the Special Education Department at 586-949-4513. This assessment process looks at the following areas:

  • Communication and Speech/Language Skills
  • Social Interaction
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Academic/Cognitive Assessments
  • Behavioral Evaluations
  • Response to Intervention Referrals

Anchor Bay School District partners with parents to address the developmental concerns of families when students need support for success.